Amsterdam Day 1

Since it was another kind of rainy, windy day, today was a good day for seeing some of the museums in Amsterdam! Marjan and I took the tram (which is like a streetcar) into the city and went to the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. The Stedelijk Museum has modern and contemporary art, while at the Rijksmuseum we saw Rembrandt’s famous “Night Watch” and walked along the Gallery of Honour, featuring lots of art by famous Dutch painters and more. The Van Gogh museum was definitely my favourite of the three, with his life and works laid out chronologically over the four floors.
As well, I took some cheesy tourist photos with the “I amsterdam” sign in museum square. Marjan also took me to the Vondelpark, a very well-known and large park in the middle of the city, which was very nice.

Outside of the Rijksmuseum (beautiful!)

Cheesy tourist photo.

Appeltaart and cappuccino at the Rijksmuseum café.