First Day of Class & Norwich Market

Yesterday was our first class day here at UEA. After three days of touring the city and working hard at enjoying ourselves, there was a definite “vacation’s over” mood in the air, though we were all excited for our classes.

All of the class sizes at the international summer school are very small – I think the biggest class has 18 or so people – but mine, as it turns out, is the smallest, with just three students. Yup, three. At my university in Canada, the smallest class size I’ve ever had is about 150 for lectures, with seminar classes having around 20 students. Having just three of us in the class should make for an interesting new experience, especially on field trips.

After a brief introduction to the course, the professor let us go early that day. One of my class friends and I hit up the library, bookstore, and then spent the afternoon in the city, walking around and going to the Norwich Market.




    1. My course is called “Religion & Rebellion in Medieval East Anglia”! It’s a history course, covering the medieval ages and particularly things affecting Norfolk (the county that I’m in).


    1. My two classmates are both from Australia. I have met all three of the other UofG students now, plus several other students from Canada. The rest of the students are from all over – lots of Aussies, people from Mexico, China, Taiwan, Morocco, France, Poland… the list goes on! There’s about 70 students representing (I think) 25 different countries.


  1. Wow, I want to go to school with you! Have you read the books by Ken Follett called Pillars of the Earth and At World’s End? I loved them, the setting is Medieval England and takes them into the plague era in book two. MAybe after your done all your schooling, they would be fun to read. The Medieval religion course sounds intriguing, the very core of life in old Europe …. drama, scandal, corruption, deception, tradition, loyalty, piousness, hypocriticsm, love, war, torture, hardship, masses and celebrations for everything. Is it Medieval religion you’re studying???

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    1. I have not read those, but they sound awesome! I will add them to my to-read list for once I am back in August 🙂 Yes, I am studying medieval history… Definitely a fascinating time to be sure! The course is based around main themes of religion, the development and use of royal power, and specifically how all that plays out in East Anglia (including one massive rebellion!). It’s very cool to be here studying it – we had a lecture yesterday, and then went to one of the sites we were talking about for a field trip later that day!


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