Mississippi Boat Cruise

We got let out of class a bit early today to head out on a boat cruise, put on for us international students by the university.

The boat:


Officially it was a “Mississippi Steam Boat Cruise”, which I’m guessing refers to the type of boat? In any case, it was a lovely trip. It took us through the Norfolk Broads, a very pretty area with lots of wildlife, particularly birds!

Grey Heron (looks very similar to a Great Blue Heron in Canada):


We were also given a light buffet, featuring an assortment of sandwiches, appetizers, and strawberries and cream for dessert. Plus, as we all originally boarded the boat, each person was handed a beverage! I opted for a glass of Pimm’s, a typical English summer drink that proved to be very refreshing. It was very relaxing to just sit on the boat, put my feet up, and drink and chat with friends as the scenery went by.



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