Seaside Daytrip

As one of the inclusive social activities put on by the international summer school, we all got to go on a daytrip to the seaside last Saturday.


The day started out with a boat ride out to Blakeney Point, a national nature reserve, to see the seals there. The seals were seriously adorable, just little fat rolls of happiness napping on the beach. There were both common and grey seals (common seals have the more typically adorable, dog-like face, while grey seals have a more sloping forehead).

The seals (who’s watching who?):


Swimming seal near our boat:


I also really enjoyed seeing the bird life on Blakeney Point. Several different types of terns make their nests on the point. We got to see both adult terns and their chicks, all of whom camouflaged right into the pebble beach; it was almost impossible to see the chicks, in particular, unless they were moving.

Terns (these ones are visible against the grass; when they are sitting on the pebbles, they are practically invisible, especially the small grey chicks):


Fields of sea lavender, near Blakeney Point:


After the boat trip, we went to Wells-next-the-Sea, where we got a nice fish & chips lunch followed by loads of free time. With a couple friends, I explored the shops a bit and then walked to the beach.

Shop street in Wells-next-the-Sea:


View of Wells-next-the-Sea, on the way to the beach:


The beach:


We spent the rest of our time there, lounging on the sand, wading through the water, and getting ice creams, until it was time to head back to uni.




  1. Looks like an awesome day!!! Maybe you need to take me there one day! You would be an awesome tour guide!
    Love, Aj

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