Cambridge Daytrip

Had a free day on Wednesday, set aside for us to work on our final projects. However, wanting that free day for adventures, many of us finished ahead of time, so on Wednesday me & a couple friends took a daytrip to Cambridge!

Started out the day at the Fitzwilliam Museum, which had free entry and some pretty rad collections, including our favourite, the Egyptian artefacts.

Front of the “Fitz”:


Part of the Egyptian collection:


After that we spent some time walking around Cambridge and seeing the shops. We also ducked briefly into one of the colleges, saw that their dining hall had a “student wine list”, and immediately felt like ruffians.


We also went punting on the river Cam, which was a lot of fun although the river was surprisingly busy (all filled with other punters). We had a fantastic tour guide who pointed out several of the colleges as we went by, as well as their famous alumni and other fun facts.


Finished the evening with a dinner at a nearby restaurant, where I was thrilled to find that my cheesecake dessert had been drizzled with genuine maple syrup! Often I’ve found maple flavours over here, in oatmeal and pastries and such, that taste very little like maple syrup, so having the real thing again was pretty exciting.