Arrival Home & Catch-up time

Have arrived safely home in Canada!

Got in last night, and in my first twenty-four hours home, I have already had a healthy dose of maple syrup (something I sorely missed the past 2 months). I also slept for a whopping 16 hours. I probably would’ve been disappointed if I’d slept for less – if you don’t need that much sleep after returning from travelling, you’re probably not travelling right.

The Contiki trip through Ireland was so fast-paced and jam-packed that I’ve had very little time to blog at all, so it looks like it’s catch up time once again. Will be posting tales from Ireland over the next few days.

So far, I am enjoying the comforts of home…. but already beginning to daydream about what my next trip will be. The travel bug has bitten hard.


  1. So happy to have you back on our home turf! Always a good feeling. We know you are safe and can enjoy your company again. Travelling expands your horizons… it’s great that you can do this at this time in your life! Hope to see you soon!

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