Beer Hour on the Mountain

At my job, after the horses are all untacked and put to bed for the night, we have “beer hour.” This happens every day after work; we sit around, drink a cold beverage of choice, and talk about our days. It’s one of my favourite times of the day.

A couple of days ago, me and another returning guide took a couple of the new guides on a trail ride after work to teach them some trail tips and show them a part of the three-hour trail. We brought along pop and beer in our saddlebags and had beer hour on the mountain that night.

Our three-hour trail ride goes to the top of a massive hill, and from there you can see gorgeous views of the entire area, including the mountains, several lakes, Jasper town, and even the riding stable. We stopped on top of this hill to take pictures and we had our beer hour there, with the most spectacular views.

On our way up the three-hour hill:


Views from the top of the three-hour hill:


Beer hour on the mountain:


Overlooking Pyramid Lake (on the way home):


Trail view of Pyramid Mountain:


We finished off our ride with a stop at Marriage Ridge. It’s a part of our trails and has earned its name by being the site of several proposals over the years (proposals which happen during the trail rides!).

The view from Marriage Ridge: