First Day Off: Enjoying the Scenery

Had my first day off last Thursday! I started out the day with a nice sleep in and then headed into Jasper town. There I made the mandatory stop at the Bear’s Paw Bakery, one of my favourite spots in Jasper, to get some goodies for the day’s adventures.

I spent the afternoon driving around, enjoying the scenery, and practicing taking some shots with my camera, which I got recently and am in the process of learning how to use.

Pyramid Mountain, view from Old Fort Point:


Bridge by Old Fort Point:


Lac Beauvert:


Roche Bonhomme/Old Man Mountain. This mountain gets it name because it looks like there is a face on top of the mountain, looking up at the sky:


Elk by Lac Beauvert:


In the evening, me and a couple friends headed to Hinton, the next town over. Groceries are very expensive in Jasper, so often a group of us will get together and go to Hinton, where the prices are a little more reasonable. Much of the drive goes through the park, and it’s a nice trip.

It’s hard to drive through Jasper and not see at least some wildlife. We saw lots of elk and also some bighorn sheep, which I got a couple photos of. I see these sheep almost every time I go by this piece of rock on the highway.


Close up of the sheep:

All in all, a pretty great first day off!


  1. Wow Caelan, you are taking some amazing photos! I love the ones that are almost widescreen with the lake and the mountains! Well done. Sounds like you are really enjoying your time off and at work! Miss you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks AML – that means a lot coming from you!! I am having a great time so far. Miss you too! Glad we got to have such a fun week at Rondeau before I came.


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