Snow Days in the Mountains

The weather for June has lately been uncharacteristically cold. Last Sunday was particularly grim, with pouring rain and a high of five degrees Celsius. At work, we had a busy morning with a group ride and then nothing for the afternoon. With the weather so cold and rainy, we ended up closing early and having just a half-day of work (which hardly ever happens, but was very nice for us workers!).

The upside of the cold weather is that if it’s five degrees down here, it’s even colder up on the mountains, and that means snow! By Monday the rain had cleared a bit and we got some beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains.

A snowy Pyramid Mountain, the view we have from our yard:


Views from the trail. Check out those snowy mountains!

The valley and Athabasca River:


Whistlers Mountain:


Signal Mountain (very sloped and green):


The valley again. The mountain near the middle right, which sticks out at a bit of an angle and looks flat on the side, is Mount Edith Cavell, named after a British nurse in World War I. At 3363m, this is the tallest mountain in Jasper National Park.


The Colin Mountain Range, covered in snow. If you travel up the valley on the right side of the mountains, it leads to Maligne Canyon and Maligne Lake. In the valley below, you can see Lake Edith on the left, and Lake Annette on the right.



  1. So great to see all your photos. You are making wonderful memories again. Enjoy. Thanks


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