Moonrise Over Pyramid Lake

Just up the road from our riding stables is Pyramid Lake, set at the base of Pyramid Mountain. Jutting out into the middle is a small island, very creatively named Pyramid Island.

The views from this little island are beautiful, in the middle of the lake, and with the mountains all around you. A friend and I hiked there one evening after work.

The view from Pyramid Island. When we got there, there was a light wind, rippling the surface of the water:


Later, the water was so still, you could even see the clouds reflected in it:


The moon rose while we were there. It stays light out very late in Jasper, so the moon comes up while the sky is still light. Right now, close to the summer solstice (the longest day of the year), the sun is rising at about 5:30a.m. and doesn’t set until almost 10:30p.m.


We hiked back home just before it got dark. It’s kind of crazy to me sometimes that I live in a place this beautiful. It’s also pretty wonderful.


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