Edge of the World

There are certain perks that come with living in Jasper, as opposed to just passing through. People who live here get to benefit from local discounts and the occasional free ride at tourist attractions and restaurants. Just the other night, me and some fellow guides ate at one of Jasper’s nicest restaurants. Through coupons they’d given us earlier in the season, I had a three-course meal and a beer for the bargain price of $3.50. (They were trying to bribe us to recommend their food to people who come horseback riding. It worked. Apparently, all it takes to bribe me is bruschetta, cider, and saskatoon-berry panacotta).

One of my favourite perks from living in Jasper, and one that the locals keep a carefully-guarded secret, is a place called the Edge of the World.

It’s on the end of a random mountain road (that will remain unnamed in this blog). You drive up, and up, and up, and then there’s a mini-trail off to the side of the asphalt.

Views along the drive up:



A little ways down the path, it opens up to a large chunk of rock that reveals the most spectacular views.

Views from the Edge of the World:


You can see Jasper town from up there, in the middle left:


View of Pyramid Mountain. Below this mountain is where the riding stables is:


If you climb a little further down the path, there’s also a very cute waterfall tucked away amongst the trees.


I enjoyed playing around with my new camera up there, as well as on the drive down!

Views from the drive back down the hill. On the left in this image is Mount Kirkesslan:


Twisty mountain roads! That very snowy mountain peeking out is Mount Edith Cavell.



Whether you’re prone to knowing the local spots or not, I have to say: there’s really no such thing as “bad view” in Jasper!



  1. Lovely photos as always! I totally enjoy reading about your Wandering Years, which I suspect might continue throughout your life! I am so proud of you Caelan – you are inspiring me through your writing. “Take me to the edge!”
    Wishing you a wonderful July! Love, AJ
    *Grandpa got his postcard :)))

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  2. I love your blog! I this a new design? Very nice and clean and readable! Keep up the good work… we love to read about your life… we miss you!

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