Water-Falling For You

On my last day off, me and a few friends did a mini road trip to visit the stunning Athabasca Falls.

The falls. The beautiful mountain right behind it is Mount Kirkesslan: DSC_0073.jpg

We hiked around the falls and spent a long time lounging on the rocks by the river. I, of course, spent ages taking pictures. Everything was just so darn beautiful!

Water gushing over the rocks: DSC_0076.jpg

The falls runs through a canyon and then spits back into the Athabasca River:


Canyon up close, where the falls empties back into the river:


The river, flowing away from the falls. The Athabasca River starts at the Columbia Icefields, in Jasper, and flows north. The water will eventually deposit into a watershed that goes all the way to the Arctic Ocean!



  1. Home County folk festival this weekend in London. I will miss you, but you will be surrounded by all that beauty…. think you are in a great spot Caelan!

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