The Beaver Boardwalk

Erin & Caelan’s Awesome Day Off: Part 2

After Maligne Lake, we headed to Hinton, the nearest town to Jasper. We ran some errands, did some groceries, and finished at the beaver boardwalk!

The beaver boardwalk is a little wetland habitat with boardwalks and trails built through it. As the name would suggest, it is home to many beavers.

The start of the boardwalk:


The beaver lodge, the hub of activity:


With a little patience, we were rewarded with several beaver sightings. They were mostly swimming around and working on building dams to enlarge the pond.

A beaver, carrying some twigs, and a baby beaver behind it: DSC_0466.jpg

Swimming beaver:


After we’d taken about a thousand photos of the beavers, we got dinner in Hinton and then headed back to Jasper.