Jasper Lake

Along the highway between Jasper and Hinton, there’s a lake creatively named “Jasper Lake.”  The water is very shallow all the way across, and even gives the illusion that you are walking on water in some places, earning it the nickname “Jesus Lake.”

A couple friends and I headed to Jasper Lake the other day after work one night, bringing snacks and music. We had fun walking on water and trying to run all the way across the lake, which would be easy except that the water is literally ice cold. Our feet all went numb after just a few minutes!

Regardless, it was a beautiful spot, and we stayed there in the water as the sun went down.

Beach at Jasper Lake:


Views from the lake:


That tiny dot below the mountain on the middle left is one of my friends, standing in the water, putting it all to scale:


We were some of the last people at the lake. Most of my friends are leaving and heading back to school in the next couple weeks, so we are trying to make the most of every mountain moment they have left.

Goodnight, mountains: 39869251_2082258932027419_3815185802263003136_n.jpg


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