Slower Days

As the end of August approaches, the season is beginning to slow down. Lots of kids are already back at school in some parts of the world, and there are markedly less tourists around town.

At the barn, that translates into slower, more relaxing days. When we’re having a really slow day, our boss finds us odd jobs to do: splitting wood, cleaning the tack room, and brushing manes and tails.

One of the children’s horses, holding my coffee for me as I brushed his tail. It’s “Lucky” he’s so flat on top! (Since all he does is cart around six-year-olds, Lucky is a little bit a lot on the chubby side):


The weather is also beginning to turn slightly colder. We’ve had several days of rain now (hurrah!) and every day for a couple weeks has been sweater weather.

Spook, the cat, hiding from the cold weather. She’s supposed to be catching mice – what a slacker.


Today on the trails, I noticed that a few of the aspen leaves were already beginning to turn yellow.  Several of the mountains also had snow on them today. Winter comes early to the mountains, so fall is only a couple weeks away! I am looking forward to autumn in the Rockies.

Leaves just beginning to change colour: IMG_5962.JPG

A picture from my last season in Jasper, late in the season. Everything turns gradually from beautiful green, to beautiful yellow:

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.16.13 PM.png

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