Music in the Mountains

This weekend is the 12th annual Jasper Folk Music Festival! It always takes place early September. The last summer I was in Jasper, I had to leave early September to go back to university and just missed the folk fest. As an avid folk fest attendee back home in Ontario, I was obviously very excited to check out the festival this year!

I signed up to volunteer (which conveniently gave me a free pass to the festival). My volunteer shifts were in the merchandise tent, where I had a good view of the stage and got to listen to the music my entire shift.

My view from the merch tent. The stage is flanked by Pyramid Mountain on the left and the Colin mountain range on the right:

My shifts finished early in the evening, which meant I got to enjoy the music for the rest of the night. I spent several happy hours discovering new artists, which is my favourite part of going to festivals, and soaking up all the good music.