A Beautifall Ride

Last Tuesday after work, me and a few friends decided to head out for a ride to enjoy the beautiful fall colours. The snow has just about all melted now and the leaves have changed to beautiful yellows and oranges. (Yes, you read that right: apparently in the mountains, seasons come in this order: spring, summer, winter, fall, winter, spring, winter…)

We started out our ride on what we call “Marriage Ridge”. Those trees with the white bark are aspen trees and they grow like a weed, with all their roots connected underground. This means that when the leaves change colour, they all do so at the same time:


Another view from Marriage Ridge. That’s my friend Ashleigh, with Whistler’s Mountain in the background. The snow might be melted down where we are, but there’s still lots up on the mountains:


Views along the aspen forest. This forest always reminds me of scenery from the TV show “Heartland”:


We finished our ride by going through the meadow. This is one of the only open spots on our trails and we don’t often take guests through here, because it’s a bit out of the way, so it was a nice treat to see it all lit up with the autumn colours. There’s Ashleigh and Chloe riding, with Pyramid Mountain in the background:


Back home at the barn. Even the views from the yard are beautiful. We made it home just as the sun was starting to set, throwing a last golden light over the trees: IMG_7304.JPG




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