The Cottonwood Slough

The Cottonwood Slough is a series of ponds created by beavers. We ride by it on our two- and three-hour trail ride, and in autumn, it’s one of the prettiest spots on our trails.

The other day, the weather was so beautiful after work that we decided it was too nice of a day to stay indoors. Me and a couple friends went for a walk to the Slough to take pictures in the last couple hours of sunlight.

The Cottonwood Slough, with Pyramid Mountain in the background. Our trails runs along the ridge opposite:


Pyramid Mountain:


View of the Slough, with Old Man Mountain in the background:


The beavers have moved on, but the ponds are now home to a number of birds as well as  many small critters… like this squirrel!


Walking back along the road home:



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