It’s Snow Beautiful

Update: it snowed again.

As much as I love the snow, I wouldn’t mind slightly warmer temperatures. I was told that September was normally between 15-20 degrees Celsius here, cooler than the summer but with lots of warm days. Instead, it’s been about 5-10, and it feels like it snows every other day.

Luckily, just after we finished tacking up, Samuelk appeared.

He was with a couple female elk, hanging out super close to our yard. I ran back to my house and got my camera. Since it was snowing, nobody was showing up for rides that morning, so I got to spend some more time taking pretty pictures!

That red post is the hitching rail inside our yard, where we tie the horses. You can see how close the elk are in this picture. Samuelk is lying down on the right hand side:

DSC_0986 - Version 2.jpg

Samuelk, scratching his back with his antlers:


How many woodland creatures do you see in this photo?


While snapping photos of the elk, a fox suddenly appeared in the frame! The fox only hung around for a minute before disappearing through the trees:


Samuelk, bugling at his ladies:


They were unconcerned:


Eventually he hustled them away, and they headed off down the road:


Some more snow pictures around the yard:


The old Dodge:


It was very beautiful, but very cold. I am quite glad I’ve gotten to see Jasper in snow (several times)… but I’m ready for warm weather to appear anytime!

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