An Amoosing Evening

Reports of moose being seen along Maligne Lake have remained steady for the past week. I had already seen one moose, but since moose are so rare, I decided that the opportunity to see more moose was too great to leave alone. I talked a friend into driving me, and we went up and down Maligne Lake Road in search of the majestic creatures.

Driving along Maligne Lake Road, Medicine Lake to our right:

DSC_0245 - Version 2.jpg

We were rewarded with not one, but FOUR moose!!

They were pretty much right beside the road, about ten minutes from maligne lake. All four were females. it was getting dark by the time we saw them, but I did manage to get a couple of good photos.



Since we were so close, we kept going on all the way to Maligne Lake. It’s beautiful at all times, I think. We were there just before it got dark.



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