Goodbye Mountains

Yesterday was my last day in Jasper. After a full five months in the mountains, I am moving on with bittersweet feelings.

This summer has been amazing. In a lot of ways it wasn’t what I expected – being back in Jasper felt like being home again, but with a whole host of different people. In time, though, those people all became friends. I also didn’t expect to stay right until the end of the season – my original plan was to stay just until the start of September – but I’m glad I was here longer. The end of the season was quieter, more peaceful, and had a different vibe to it. Two days ago we had the last day of rides, and that afternoon we put everything away – the benches, the mounting blocks, and even the entrance doors got shut.

I won’t miss the early mornings, but I am going to miss waking up to work with this view. PC: Vic.


Over the next week, the horses will be trucked to British Columbia, where they’ll spend the winter. They get to hang out in a giant field and from now until April, all they have to do is run around and eat. I said a very sad goodbye to Bert, my wonderful mountain horse, and gave him an apple.

Here’s Bert, grumpy at being woken up from a nap on a cold day this September. Thanks for another great season of rides, friend:


I’m leaving Jasper with sadness, but I know that’s not the end for me and the mountains. I love them too much. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but I do know that I’ll be back.

And for now, I’m busy moving on, down the track to the next adventure… thanks for reading this far, friends. Stay tuned.


  1. I’m so proud of you Caelan. You are truly following your heart, and it’s so interesting to read your blogs. Looking forward to this new chapter in your life! And looking forward to giving you a big hug!


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