Vancouver, Lynn Canyon, & Deep Cove

Our final days in Vancouver, we did a little bit of everything. Erik, our tour guide from the first day, had given us a lot of good suggestions for things to do in city. We started out by walking across the bridge to Granville Island, to get a view of the False Creek harbour. That’s Sunset Beach on the right, and some very expensive apartment buildings behind it:


We went to the Granville Island Public Market, where I ate a lot of food. It reminded me a lot of the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, except more expensive (everything in Vancouver was more expensive).

The next day, we went to the Dr. Yun-Sat Sen Chinese Park.


This park was very quiet and very peaceful, a nice escape from the city. It was a bit surreal to look up out of the garden and see the high rises of Vancouver just outside.


Our last day, we reunited with Tia and went everywhere.

We started out in Stanley Park, walking around the seawall:


Next we went to see Lynn Canyon. They also had a suspension bridge, though slightly less impressive (and therefore less terrifying) than the Capilano suspension bridge. Perk: it was also free!44698416_331661790932179_6838592515197632512_n.jpg

We went for a short walk around here, and the coolest park of Lynn Canyon was the Twin Falls:


We had a car and hours still left in the day, so we started searching online: “short road trips from Vancouver”. We ended up in a little town called Deep Cove.

They had a harbour on an ocean inlet, and it was a very cute spot. We went for a hike up to Quarry Rock. There were a lot of stairs to get there, but the view was worth it.

On top of Quarry Rock, Ash photobombing me in the background:


We had dinner in Quarry Rock and then Tia dropped us off back at our hostel. The next morning I woke up early, headed to the airport, and flew back to Toronto. I’ll be back in Eastern Canada for the next couple weeks, visiting family and friends, but stayed tuned…

The next adventure is coming soon.


  1. I’ve truly enjoyed all your travels- was reliving many years and trips gone by. You have made so many great memories to keep for your lifetime. At any time you need an escape you can close your eyes and take a memory back. Safe travels.

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