Bright Lights, No City

As soon as I got off the train in Churchill, the director of the Churchill Northern Science Centre (where I’m staying) was there to greet me, as well as another volunteer that I’d met up with while on the train. After a few quick errands, we drove out to the CNSC. It’s located thirty minutes out of town, which makes it perfect for having less light pollution and thus better viewings of the northern lights! The town of Churchill is pretty small – it has a population of about 600 people – but even a little bit of light interferes with your view of the lights.

My first day we had a quick introduction and a tour of the centre. Right now is actually a pretty quiet time at the CNSC – they are busy during bear season, and their busiest season is actually in the summer, when the building fills up with researchers.

That night, I was treated to a spectacular display of just what I’ve come hoping to see.

The aurora borealis (or lady aurora) came out in beautiful colour, like the world’s best welcoming party.


Aurora over the trees:


It was the most incredible thing; I literally couldn’t tear my eyes away. It started very early in the night, around 7pm – the sky hadn’t even gone totally dark yet.

My favourite shot from the night. One of the other volunteers at the centre had made these amazing snow sculptures in his spare time:

DSC_0482 - Version 2.jpg

A truly spectacular night.



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