Alberta Bound

I’m back in Jasper for another summer!

Mid-May had me Alberta bound. A friend of mine was also heading west from Ontario and had a car, so the two of us drove out together. We spent five days crossing the country – from Toronto and busy 400 series highway driving; to the northern Ontario mining town of Timmins; past the shores of Lake Superior to distant Thunder Bay; on to the flat prairies of Landmark, Manitoba; across more prairies for a night in pretty Sasktoon; and finally our arrival in the Rocky mountains.

We stayed almost every night with people we knew and ate a lot of sandwiches along the way. I think every Canadian should have to drive across our country – or part of it – at least once, because it really gives you a true sense of how big it is. Especially driving through Ontario, which took three days and felt like would never end.

A few photos from our journey below:

Some animal friends from Manitoba:



Below pic is me and my road trip friend, Annie, driving through Saskatchewan… which way is it to Alberta?


Finally, back in the mountains (photo from Annie):


I’m settled back in at my old job in Jasper, guiding horseback rides in the mountains all day. I’ll try to post short & sweet blog posts whenever something noteworthy happens. This will be my third summer spent in Jasper, and there’s still plenty here that I have yet to see and do.

As always, the world keeps amazing me with its natural beauty.






  1. How wonderful to receive a blog from your return to Jasper!! Hope you enjoy every moment and that you have a great summer!! I will totally miss you at Canterbury Folk Festival though…. Love AJ


  2. Driving across Canada is a truly awesome experience! Being able to stop and visit friends along the way makes it even better! Love the photo of you two sitting on the car looking for Alberta!!!


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