Abbey’s Road, London

After a couple months at home in Ontario, I am back on the road!

Last Wednesday I flew out to London, England. My best friend from university, Abbey, is spending a year living here, so I came out to visit her. I’ve got a week and a half in London with her, and then we’re going to spend nine days travelling together through Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria before I fly back home.

 My first day in London I landed, met up with Abbey, and saw her flat for the first time. It’s small but quaint and in a really nice neighbourhood of London (near a place called Clapham Commons).

Abbey’s road:

This is my second time in London. I visited it for four days in 2017, right before I headed to a university exchange program in Norwich (northeast England). In those four days I packed in as many museums, monuments, and parks as I possibly could. This time around I’ve still got heaps to see and do… London has no end of diversions… but I’m going to try and take it at a slightly more relaxed pace.

Stay tuned!

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