Travelling with My Parents

A couple of months ago, I spent a little over two weeks travelling with my parents through Alberta and British Columbia.

It was a bit of a new experience, as the three of us haven’t travelled together since I was probably about 13. Luckily, we have similar interests (like nature, being outside, learning new things) and we had a great trip.

We saw way too much for me to blog about fully, so instead, here’s a handful of my favourite photos from our trip:

1. My parents started their trip in Banff and then drove up to meet me in Jasper. I took them out on a horseback ride at the place I’ve worked for the past three summers. Great guests to have behind me… plus, they bought me dinner after!


2. Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey Provincial Park. It’s 141m tall, almost three times higher than Niagara Falls.

3. View of the hills from our Airbnb in Kamloops.

4. Stanley Park

5. Victoria’s Butchart Gardens. The land was originally owned by the Butchart family; Jennie Butchart began the gardens as a way to re-beautify the limestone quarry that her husband had made there.

7. Foggy Tofino. It rained most of the three days we were there. We learned to love the dampness. As soon as it cleared up even a little, we all grabbed our stuff and raced to enjoy the “good” (relatively speaking) weather.

8. The Othello Tunnels in Hope, British Columbia.

9. Waterton Lakes National Park. One of the highlights of our whole trip was seeing the elk rut in Waterton. Around dusk one day, we found two massive herds, one with at least eighty elk. Each herd had a bull, trying to keep his harem of ladies together, while competing bulls waited in the wings, calling out and waiting for their opportunity to steal a mate.

10. Drumheller: rocks, badlands, and dinosaur bones galore. Drumheller is home to the Royal Tyrell Museum, one of the world’s best paleontology museums; their collection includes over 130 000 fossils.



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