Hiking in Hawaii

I surprised myself by doing 3 hikes over my last 4 days in Hawai’i (I am not normally that avid of a hiker… but it was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist).

Here are some photo highlights of my three hikes:1. Diamond Head Crater

View from the top of the crater, which was formed by a volcano erupting about 300 000 years ago:

Pacific Ocean views:

Pineapple smoothie… my post-hike reward:

2. Manoa Falls

Feeling like I was in Jurassic Park (part of the movie was filmed here!):

My shoes disappearing into the mud. The whole trail was covered in slick mud, sometimes past my ankles:

The 100ft high falls at the end of the trail:

3. Maunawili Falls

River crossing (the trail took us straight through that river):

My shoes were once again covered by the mud:

Views of the mountains:

Our second river crossing. Use the person for scale… the ferns to the right were Jurassic-sized!

Maunawili Falls. Had a lovely cool swim in that rock pool before heading back: