Arrival in Australia

After years of dreaming, befriending Australians across multiple continents, and committing words like “arvo” to my memory in the hopes it would come in handy someday…. last week I arrived in Sydney!

I got a warm welcome from one of my mother’s cousins, Richard, who is from Canada but has lived in Australia for almost 20 years. Even though Richard and I had never met before, he very kindly let me stay, showed me the sights of Sydney, took me out for the most delicious seafood lunch I’ve had in my life, and helped me get set up with an Australian phone and bank account.

Lunch overlooking Bondi Beach:

I tried oysters for the first time! Pretty yummy:

Whenever I travel, I do see a share of problems and unkindness in the world – but I am also constantly reminded of how much good exists. From picking me up at the airport to dropping me off at the train station, and feeding me oysters and homemade pizza in between, Richard was as wonderful a host as one could hope for.

Morning coffee at Richard’s:

Richard and I:

Beautiful sandstone cliffs near South Head, Sydney:

A sweet little neighbourhood (I think it was called Middle Cove?) in Sydney:

Two weeks ago I was hiking in the mountains and killing cockroaches in my hostel room in Hawaii, and the next week I was overlooking Bondi Beach and sipping champagne…. one of the things I love most about my life right now is that I never know what type of week it’s going to be. Adventure could strike at any moment.

Viewpoint of Sydney Harbour:

After a very quick two days in Sydney (don’t worry… I’ll be back to explore more fully later on!) I boarded a train for my next destination…

I’m in the middle of horse and cattle country now in New South Wales, where I’ve got work as a polo groom for the next couple months! Wifi is spotty out here but I’ll try and keep the updates coming…

Thanks for following along, friends.

Above: sunset over horse country in NSW.