The beginning (and the end) of polo season

I nearly titled this post “the beginning of the end” but that felt far too ominous…

It’s crazy how much can happen in such a short time. Last week, we loaded all 20 horses onto a trailer and drove 5 hours to Sydney.

All 20 horses in one truck (this is the biggest horse trailer I’ve ever seen):

The plan was to stay in Sydney for 3-4 weeks, attending polo tournaments every weekend.

The first week went more or less according to plan. Lison (my coworker) and I enjoyed being in the suburbs and having amenities like cell service and nearby shops and restaurants.

Morning cafe breakfast (photo take a few weeks ago):

Within just a few sudden days, the Coronavirus precautions got much more serious. All sporting events (including polo games) were cancelled. After just nine days in the city and two weekends of tournament, we headed back up to Scone. It was disappointing to have experienced such a short polo season, but given the current world circumstances, I’m just happy that myself and those around me are all healthy.

I’m staying here for the next little while. I seriously considered flying home to Canada, but I am staying in Australia. Where I am in Scone is pretty isolated, far from crowds or any public places. I’m washing my hands lots, staying healthy, and practicing social distancing.

It’s actually going pretty well so far:


  1. Stay safe. If you are with all the horses you will be happy. Flying is absolutely crazy now and this virus is everywhere here.We are laying low .Keep healthy. Hugs from afar.


    1. Thanks Janet. Yes I’ve heard trying to get a flight is a nightmare… best off avoiding it if I can I think. Hope you are staying healthy and safe too!


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