Distancing Days

Like most people these days, I’ve been practicing social distancing and spending a lot of time at home (well, my current home, in Australia).

In some ways, I’ve really enjoyed the time to simply be still. I’ve filled my days with writing articles, watching the local birds and kangaroos go by my porch, meditating, watching a LOT of movies, and my favourite: going for long, wandering horse rides through the nearby hills.

Exploring the hills around Scone, New South Wales:

A recent sunset ride with a couple of good friends:

This time of isolation has also had its challenges. Humans are social creatures: it’s hard to spend so much time alone. Most days the only person I interact with is my roommate. The internet where I am isn’t very reliable, so sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch with family and friends virtually.

I was feeling guilty for complaining, since so many people are enduring worse right now, when I talked to my best friend a couple days ago. She reminded me to take it easy on myself, and that this pandemic is hard for everyone in different ways. It’s okay to be disappointed, lonely, or upset for our own reasons. That’s my message for today: be kind to each other, but just as importantly, be kind to yourself.

Regardless, I am grateful for what I have. I’m still in Australia right now. I’m not homeless, like so many other backpackers; I have a safe place to sleep, food to eat, and things to occupy my time.

This year is obviously not going like any of us had planned. But life is always surprising. All we can do is enjoy the moments we’ve had, try to adapt, and ride this time of isolation and distance out – best we can.

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  1. Enjoy your time down under. Horses are some of the best companions. Everyone needs to lay low and this too will pass. Keep well and be safe. I’m loving all your posts. Hugs jan.

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