Between a Rock and a Travel Ban

Hello again. I haven’t been blogging so much because, to be honest, my life doesn’t feel very exciting lately.

I’ve been in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales for two months now, working as an au pair. A couple of weeks ago, the government decided it was safe for kids to go back to school in NSW. One of the kids I watch has gone back to school full-time; the other is currently going for one day a week, and I watch him the other four days.

I’ll stay here in Wagga for another three weeks or so and then (fingers crossed) will be hitting the road again.

In the meantime, I’m killing time in lots of different ways. I’ve enjoyed some hiking. This is on top of a (mini) peak at a local nature reserve:


Views from the top:


Befriending the locals:


Boredom baking. The Australian family I’m staying with have very little experience with “sweet” pies (pies in Australia are mostly meat pies, a staple of the Australian diet). As someone with a great love of pies, I’ve been making lots of different types for them to try. This one was apple-blueberry:


Campfires with neighbours:


Practicing my photography. The lights are the house I’m staying in:


I’m trying to keep a positive attitude. This isn’t the Australian experience I hoped to have, but I’m getting to see what life is like with a rural Australian family. I’m learning some new skills as well: since being here, I have finally learned how to drive manual (it’s still a little jolty. But I can safely get from point A to B without stalling). I’ve learned how to make pasta from scratch. I’ve spent a lot of time fiddling with my camera and finally learned how to use the f-stop. I’ve learned that I should never become a schoolteacher.

A couple weeks ago, I did get to go for a weekend in the Snowy Mountains with a friend. That was very exciting, not in the least because we saw wild horses!

Driving through the mountains:


At Long Plain, part of the national park we were in:


Wild horses – a mare and foal that were part of a little herd!! (wild horses are called “brumbies” in Australia):


Boss mare, hurrying those two along:


The family that I’m staying with has lots of friends in the area, as well as their extended family. The sister of the woman I work for has taken me on weekend trips visiting friends with her, camping, going to the mountains, and also offers her house as a refuge whenever I need some “kid-free” time. The neighbours in the area have also been  welcoming, having me over for campfires and dinner (while practicing social distancing).

Waiting for the world to get back to normal, and for travel bans to lift, has often been frustrating; if not for the friends I’ve met here, it would have been a lot more difficult.

Hope you are all doing well.




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  1. Love reading your blog and to me it sounds wonderful! You might not think it’s that exciting at the moment, but you are becoming immersed in a new culture, and experiencing the kindness and hospitality of the people of Australia. And you are helping out a family during a pandemic. This is big stuff! You will always remember where you were during Covid 19. Wish I was there to have a piece of that pie, or visit the Snowy Mountains with you :))


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