Shots from Wagga

A few photos from my time around rural Wagga Wagga! (Or as the locals call it, Wagga).

Driving around the countryside:


The big hill is a local landmark called “The Rock”…. yes, it’s very creative. The area around here is primarily flat so when you’re approaching from far away, the Rock is quite distinctive.


Tumbleweeds piling up against a fence line. They kind of remind me of piles of snow, sculpted by the wind…. or an episode of the Looney Tunes.


A local resident and friend, Kenny:


The house I live in here in Wagga:


In a couple of short weeks, I’ll be back on the road. Travel will be different now, in the world of COVID, but I am hopeful. Cases are down in Australia (relatively speaking) and travel restrictions have been lifted across New South Wales and Victoria (two of Australia’s states). Queensland is hopefully opening on July 10. My travel plans are all tentative, and if there’s another outbreak I will be bunkering down in an Airbnb somewhere. Even so, being able to make plans – however tentative – is making me very happy right now. 🙂



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