Farewell Wagga

That wasn’t three months, was it?

After – yes – three full months there, I left Wagga Wagga on Sunday.

It was a bittersweet goodbye; I am beyond excited to be finally travelling a little bit, but I also met some truly lovely friends in Wagga. And I will definitely miss the family that I was staying with.

I never imagined myself working as an au pair, but it turned out to be a really good experience. It was definitely a good place for me to be during the first few months of the pandemic. I really enjoyed living with a rural Australian family and seeing what their lives were like. I also picked up a heap of Aussie slang from them: barbie, snags, arvy, doona, esky, and more!

However, now that restrictions are gradually lifting across New South Wales and Queensland, and it’s safe to travel a bit again (with precautions, of course), I am keen to start seeing some more of this county.

So, farewell Wagga – I’ve liked knowing you – may our paths cross someday again.


For now… onto the next adventure!

Stay tuned.