Urunga Boardwalk

Friday afternoon (arvo) I spent in Port Macquarie, running some errands and getting my car even more equipped for life on the road. At the BCF (Boating Camping Fishing) Store, I picked up a foam mat for a bargain $10 and a guidebook to “Free Camping in Australia”. I also got a little cooler (or as the Aussies call it, an “esky”) and a container to store my food. It’s amazing how quickly my car has come to feel like a little home on wheels. That was one of the reasons I wanted to get a car – it’s so nice to set my bags down and know that I don’t have to lug them around from train station, to hostel, to bus station. I can just set them down and settle in.

After nearly filling up my car with stuff (it’s amazing how much I’ve accumulated in just two days!) I drove a little ways up the coast to the Urunga Boardwalk.

The start of the boardwalk: 4C002175-6C05-493D-A74E-77F4D0DB1302_1_105_c.jpeg

The boardwalk ran along a little ocean inlet, with a saltwater lagoon and marsh on one side:



And a little harbour on the other side:


Urunga Boardwalk is also home to quite a few shorebirds! (I was naturally thrilled).

Pelicans out on the sandbar:



The boardwalk went right out to the breakwater, so you could look up and down the Pacific coast. As I was there the sun set, and the pink sky reflected onto the water below. It was so stunning:



I only meant to stay for about an hour and then get to my campground in the daylight. But it was so beautiful I stayed right until the sun disappeared:


That evening I had planned on camping at the show grounds of a little town called Bellingen; I’d read that you could camp there for a bargain $10. Once I got there, however, I found big “camping closed” signs posted all over the place.

It was not the ideal thing to find out at 6pm, when I was tired and it was already dark out.

Luckily I had my “Free Camping in Australia” book. It showed a rest area you were allowed to camp at, just 10km further up the road.

I was imagining something kind of sketchy and worried that it would be an empty rest stop with just me staying there, all alone. Instead, it was a large, grassy area just off the highway, with about 20 cars and caravans parked in it. Lots of people were free camping – not just young international backpackers, but many Australians, families, and retirees. Several people had nice campfires going. One group had a projector set up and were showing a movie, open for anyone to join in and watch.

Free camping may be my new favourite thing.


  1. Love your free spirit and how you change your plan to enjoy the moment (sunset!). Free camping – yahoo! And I’ve love to see a photo of your new home set up once you have it organized (view from the open back hatch!). It’s so handy that you have option to sleep in the back without the hassle of setting up a tent!

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    1. Yes – I love being able to just park somewhere and crawl in back to sleep, without having to do anything else!! I will send you some more pics of the car!! 🙂


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