Sunshine, Camping, Brisbane

I spent a whole week happily camping in the forests and national parks surrounding Brisbane.

I spent the days driving around to beautiful lookouts and waterfalls, and doing lots and lots of birding. I used my Subaru’s four-wheel-drive function for the first time and learned that it works really well. I also learned that I shouldn’t take it down unsealed roads (there may be a slight crack in one of my wheel wells, that gets a bit loose and makes a loud ticking noise whenever the car goes over a bump. I have masterfully solved this problem with duct tape and a loud radio).

I visited a quiet campground called Coochin Creek, located right beside (you guessed it…) Coochin Creek. A woman and her daughter camping beside me let me join in their campfire and even shared their marshmallows with me!

Coochin Creek:


I found a birding hotspot in D’Aguilar National Park, and got eight new lifers to add to my list (it cost me the crack in Subie’s wheel well… sorry Subie, but it was worth it).

Eastern Robin in D’Aguilar N.P.:


I free camped a couple nights in city parks, where overnight stays were permitted and the parking lots were full of backpackers.

Finally, I finished my week by spoiling myself with an Airbnb in Brisbane. I had a proper hot shower, did all my laundry, and took a couple of days to simply sit and reflect. It felt like I’d done and seen so many things in the two weeks since I’d bought my car, I hardly had time to process it all.

View from my Airbnb, overlooking the river:


I did get out and enjoy the city a bit, going for a walk around the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Kangaroo Point.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs (sorry for the phone-photo quality…):


I sat on the balcony of my Airbnb quite a lot and watched the river, with plenty of small city ferries, kayakers, and birds moving around. The city streets felt exceptionally quiet while I was there; as had most of the national parks and state forests I’d visited. I was expecting to cross into Queensland and find it busy and full of people from New South Wales, but instead most of the places I’ve been to feel empty. It’s nice to have it all to myself but I worry about the local businesses.

It was an excellent week, spent almost entirely by myself. Next stop…. Sunshine Coast.