Noosa in the Rain

I love travelling solo: there’s a lot of freedom in it. I can spend a whole morning birding or take three hours going through a museum, without worrying that the person I’m with is getting bored. As much as I love solo travel, though, it’s also nice sometimes to have travel buddies to talk to and share things with.

So: I met two people in an Australian Backpackers group on Facebook, and picked up two new travel mates from Brisbane: Olivia and Estefania! They are from Germany and Peru, respectively, and both came to Australia for school.

After picking them up from a plane and a train, we headed straight for Noosa!

Our time in Noosa was short and sweet. We met up with some other friends I’ve met on the road, and everyone met each other. The next morning, we went for a walk around Noosa National Park. It was raining but absolutely gorgeous:


After a long, rainy walk, we warmed up with some well-known Noosa burgers. Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. has locations throughout Australia, but the very first Betty’s was in Noosa, so it felt necessary to have a cheeseburger there.

We wandered the streets of Noosa a bit more, tried to stay dry, and then headed north once again, in search of sunshine.




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