The Capricorn Coast

One of the best unexpected stops of the trip so far was The Capricorn Coast.

After the Town of Seventeen Seventy, someone recommended that we check out the town of Yeppoon. Yeppoon is a small, cute town, located along what’s known as the Capricorn Coast (so named because it lies just under the Tropic of Capricorn).

Olivia, Estef, and I started the day by driving to some beautiful lookout points around town:

Yeppoon is full of street art. We walked around in the afternoon and found lots to look at:

Random street art filled the parking garage in town:

And the sidewalks:

My personal favourite:

We also stopped in at the Yeppoon Lagoon for a swim. A lot of the coastal towns we’ve visited have lagoons like this: beautiful, sparkling swimming pools, free to use, that overlook the ocean. I think they’re in place because during jellyfish “stinger” season, it’s too dangerous to swim in the ocean itself. It was very fun to paddle around in the lagoon and look out over the Pacific waters just below:

We camped that evening at a nearby national park. On the way there, we got a bit lost; but while lost, we found the most beautiful road.

I’m adding it to my list of “wonderful things I’ve found while lost”. For me, that might just be the best part of any journey… never knowing quite what you’ll find, or where you’ll end up.