Sailing Waters Blue

We took a two-day, one-night sailing trip around the Whitsundays. The Whitsundays are known for having beautiful white beaches and amazing snorkelling around the reef. A big part of the experience too is simply cruising around on the blue waters, soaking up the sun, and relaxing: we did lots of that!

Some highlights from the trip include:

Waking up before dawn and hiking up a hill to watch the sunrise:

Returning to that same spot later in the day and seeing how different it looked with the changed tide:

Boardwalks overlooking the beautiful Whitehaven beach:

Loving the incredible blue waters:

Wading around in the shallows and seeing manta rays. Spot the ray:

They were so peaceful, especially the way they moved; gently flapping and gliding through the water:

Our sailboat from the trip, the Siska!

The water was so smooth and winds so calm. We only managed to use the sail for one hour of the whole trip:

Hanging out on board with my travel buddies:

This beautiful little cove where we spent an afternoon lounging and swimming. The sand on the beaches there was almost pure silica, which is what made it so brilliantly white. It also didn’t get hot in the sun, so you could walk around in no shoes without burning your feet:

We spent a lot of time snorkelling the first day, and saw so many amazing colourful fish and corals (unfortunately didn’t get any photos because I don’t have an underwater camera). We also saw a whale from the boat on our last afternoon, just as we were heading back to the harbour.

Two days flew by in a flash… it was definitely a highlight of the trip so far!


  1. Wow!!!!! Love the photos – the water and the white sand are so gorgeous!! No signs of Covid where you are!! It seems like the good old days when you can get a group photo, good looking group too!


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