Lessons Learned From East Coast Australia

  1. I am willing to pay up to $5 for a hot shower.
  2. You learn more about yourself when you’re alone, but you have more fun when you’re with friends.
  3. When sykdiving, you freefall at a speed of 200km/h (make sure your ponytail, and shoes, are good and tight!).
  4. If a shark approaches you in the water, the best thing to do is stay still and avoid splashing.
  5. You can meet some really lovely people via the Internet.
  6. Introverts need extroverts, and vice versa.
  7. When you surround yourself with people who say things like, “hey, wanna go skydiving in half an hour?”, life will be exciting.
  8. On this planet there are rainforests still living that have been here since before the dinosaurs.
  9. Bucket lists are made to be checked off.
  10. S’mores are an instant and beautiful way to make new friends.
  11. People can change a lot in four years.
  12. “Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll just have to do it afraid.”


  1. I love this! Great lessons for people of all ages. I am wondering….. is there anything left on your bucket list? It seems to me that you have checked off quite a few items in the last few years :-). You go girl!! You are an inspiration! Save a little down time for me, love AJ

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    1. Haha… don’t worry, the bucket list is still quite lengthy! Every time I check something off, I seem to add several more 🙂 looking forward to spending lots of time with you this winter!!!


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