Aimless Around Cairns

I’d been taking everything day by day, so after after the my big road trip from Sydney to Cape Tribulation ended, I had no real plans. I headed back to Cairns to figure out my next step.

I found a position working for accomodation at a hostel – the deal was that I did about 10 hours of housekeeping a week in exchange for a free room (not a bad deal). I explored the area around the city a little more, including:

Hiking Behanas Gorge:

Watching my friend Sarah, who is from Cairns, play polocrosse (this is a game played on horseback, basically a mix between polo and lacrosse):

Spending more time with my road trip friends (who were also hanging around Cairns for a little while following the trip):

I initially planned on staying in Cairns for about a month, but – to be honest – I didn’t love the city. I did love how much there was to do around Cairns (there are a seemingly infinite number of daytrips all within a couple hours of Cairns), and I loved being able to go for excellent takeout again. But I didn’t love the city atmosphere too much itself.

And then, a week into my stay, I got another opportunity. When I had been for a horse ride at Cape Tribulation, I asked about a job (they weren’t hiring). I left my email just in case anything came up, and quite soon – something did!

It took asking four times, but it worked eventually: I got a job as a trail guide/horse rider! A new adventure was about to begin…