Summer in Ontario

This is the first summer I’ve spent in Ontario since I was in high school.

That seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it? But my first summer in university, I headed to Alberta, and I’ve been travelling every summer since then.

I am incredibly lucky to have had those adventures and I’m certain there will be more in the future. At the moment, international travel is of course on the back burner until COVID-19 is significantly subsided and it’s safe to travel abroad. The good news is that Canada is doing excellently with its vaccination rates right now…. I recently got my second dose!

I may not be able to travel abroad, but I’m hopeful I can travel within Canada soon (and this country is full of beautiful places, most of which I have yet to explore).

For now, I’m making the most of being in Ontario. I’d forgotten how much I actually love my home province in the summer. Here’s a couple highlights from the last few weeks:

Buds. This is Harold.
Sunset walks with the most golden dog.

Exploring the shoreline of a Great Lake with great company.

Hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the warm weather, wherever you may be.


  1. Glad you are closer to home again-one of the greatest highlights on Ontario is your parents. Great to read your posts. Enjoy your summer.

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