Welcome to the adventure!

My name is Caelan and I’m a traveler, writer, and lover of the outdoors.

I first started this blog in summer 2017 when I was completing a university history course in England. I do much of my travelling alone and wanted a way to virtually “take along” some family and friends (and sadly, they didn’t fit in the suitcase). The blog became a way to combine my love of travel, writing, and connecting with others. In 2018, I graduated from the International Development program at the University of Guelph, and the blog has continued to follow my journey ever since.

Past adventures include working as a horseback trail guide in Canada’s Rocky Mountains; exploring art and history in the Netherlands; seeing wildlife on a conservation site in South Africa; and watching the aurora borealis fill the sky in northern Canada. All those stories – and more – can be found on this site. My work also appears in publications including Verge and Horse Network; links to those articles can be found under the tab “Published Work”!

My most recent adventure was to spend a year-long working holiday in Australia. I flew to Sydney in January 2020, and we all know how the rest of 2020 went. My plans for the year changed drastically and I learned to be a lot more flexible along the way. I gained a lot from the experience, and I still got to spend much of the year enjoying the sunshine and exploring the eastern states of Australia.

As of 2021, I have been to fourteen different countries across four continents.

Right now, I’m back in Canada, working as a copywriter and enjoying being home.

I don’t know when or where I’ll be able to travel again; but then, part of the joy of travel lies in embracing the unexpected. I never totally know what I’m going to find on the road – and what a beautiful thing that is.

Welcome to the journey, friends.