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Looking through photos from my travels is my favourite way to revisit the places I’ve been. I hope you enjoy exploring these destinations along with me.

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Places I’ve been

Western Canada

I’ve spent three summers leading horseback trail rides in the Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

I’ve also taken two autumn trips through British Columbia, exploring Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Wells Gray, and more.

East Coast Australia

Photos from my year-long working holiday across New South Wales & Queensland.

true north, strong, & free

Northern Canada

Photos from a month spent in Churchill, Manitoba, during winter 2019.

I saw the northern lights many times while I was there, along with some other beauties of the north: the hour of the blue snow, dogsledding, wind-carved tundra, and more.

South Africa

Some of the best scenery & wildlife I saw over a month spent volunteering at a wilderness conservation site.


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