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Caelan Beard attended the University of Guelph, where she studied International Development and wrote regularly for the university paper. After graduating, she promptly took off to travel the world, while continuing to pen freelance articles for publications including Verge and Horse Network and running her travel blog, The Wandering Years.

Want more stories? Check out some of my published work below.

My time spent travelling and trying new things inspires freelance articles, on a wide variety of topics. These articles are often accompanied by my own photography.

Check out some of my articles below, on everything from being a trail guide in the Rocky Mountains; the power of feminism in development; how-to find a sustainable volunteer abroad program; the humour of horses… and more!

Published Articles

Riding on the Glacier
(04/12/2022) Horse Canada
The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies’ annual ride in 1936 involved 55 men and women exploring the wilderness of Banff National Park.

Volunteering in Canada’s North
(06/25/2021) Verge Magazine
In the polar bear capital of the world, volunteers get a glimpse of the frontlines of climate change.

The 7 Riders You’ll Meet at a Trail Stable
(06/11/2021) Horse Network
You’ll meet a lot of different characters at a trail stable, from the ‘wranglers’ with heaps of false confidence to the shaking kids too terrified to mount.

My Weird Horse Friend, Basil
(02/11/2021) Horse Network
The coffee-spilling, garbage-rummaging, toast-with-jam-stealing horse who kept me company in Queensland, Australia.

Grooming Fails, Polo Edition
(12/15/2020) Horse Network
A humour-based article about the most notable fails from my brief stint as a polo groom.

Riding Through the Rainforest
(11/30/2020) Horse Network
Tales from my time working as a horse trainer and trail guide on the beaches of tropical northern Queensland, Australia.

The 7 Horses You’ll Meet At A Trail Stable
(06/07/2020) Horse Network
Whether they carry you over mountain passes or sandy beaches, trail horses can range from saints to monsters. After years of working at trail stables and riding around the world, I determined that most trail horses could fall into certain, very scientific categories.

6 Things I Didn’t Expect From Polo
(05/27/2020) Horse Network
Surprises along the way of becoming a polo groom in New South Wales, Australia.

8 Signs Your Volunteer Abroad Program is Legit
(04/2020) Verge Magazine
Interview based article offering tips on how to find the right overseas volunteer placement, with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics.

Birthdays, Bears, and Horses
(04/13/2020) Horse Network
A story from running into a very hot, tired, and unwilling-to-move black bear, while leading a children’s birthday party on horseback.

Confessions of a Polo Groom
(04/03/2020) Horse Network
A behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous world of polo, from personal experience working as a polo horse groom.

12 Life Lessons I Learned As a Rocky Mountain Horse Guide
(12/18/2020) Horse Network
Being a horse guide can teach you some surprising lessons about life, horses, and yourself. Here’s what I picked up on the trail while keeping people entertained, on their horses, and (pretty much) all in one piece.

Grizzly Encounters
(11/26/2019) Horse Network
The story of running into a very unhappy grizzly bear, while riding horses through the Rocky Mountains – and learning the hard way what not to do.

Bert the Bear Horse
(11/26/2019) Horse Network
Summers spent guiding in the Rocky Mountains, and what I learned from the most sure-footed horse.

Lessons From Working “Abroad” In Canada
(08/ 2019) Verge Magazine
A prospective employer asks how you handle stressful work situations and your answer involves a tense meeting – with a grizzly bear. You know you have their full attention.

The Future is Female: Winegard Lecture emphasizes feminism in development
(01/26/2018) The Ontarion
Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of international development, talks Canada’s new International Assistance Policy

Are food banks a “band-aid” solution?
(12/06/2017) The Ontarion
Experts say food banks fail to address Canada’s food insecurity problem.

One in 10 drugs sold in developing countries are fake
(12/06/2017) The Ontarion
WHO reports counterfeit drugs responsible for deaths of thousands of children.

Mental health town hall invites U of G community to voice concerns
(03/15/2017) The Ontarion
Town hall a part of the Univeristy’s latest “We’re Listening” campaign to address mental health concerns on campus

Kellie Leitch posts video outlining immigration policy
(03/082017) The Ontarion
Video released by Conservative leadership candidate boasts questionable editing.

Banquet helps to stimulate an open dialogue on suicide
(03/08/2017) The Ontarion
Speakers share messages of hope and resilience with U of G community.